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Wreath with Poinsettias

Product no.: DF149184-WR8

50cm artificial pine wreath with dressings

In stock

Wreath with Gold Trimmings

Product no.: DF148285-WR21

50cm artificial pine twig wreath

In stock

Plain Pine Wreath

Product no.: TW20CP-WR3

50cm diameter artificial pine twig wreath

In stock

Small Frosted Wreath

Product no.: WR12

24cm diameter wreath.  Real pine cones with articial fruit and foliage.

In stock

Large Candlering

Product no.: 50173

Red/Gold Large Candlering. 16cm diameter 8cm opening 

In stock

Fruit Candlering

Product no.: 50340

28cm glitter Fruit Candlering. Could be used as a small wreath

In stock

Small Candlering

Product no.: 50300

Red/Gold Small Candlering. 10cm diameter. 2.5cm opening

In stock

Pine Twig Wreath with Silver Trimmings

Product no.: DF149190-WR14

Artificial floral wreath.  55cm diameter

In stock

Wreath Hanger - Gold

Product no.: 109968G

S-shaped metal hanger for fixing a wreath or decoration to a door.  31cm long with 5cm deep return at top for conveniently hanging over top of door.  Maximum door thickness 5cm (2 inches).

In stock

Wreath Hanger - Silver

Product no.: 109968S

A convenient way to hang a wreath or decoration from a door without wires, cords or fixings.  Metal S-shaped metal hanger suitable for doors up to 5cm (2 inches) thick.

In stock

Natural Pine Cone Wreath

Product no.: AC176437

35cm diameter rustic wreath.  Made from natural pine cones.

In stock


Product no.: DF175215

Atttractive artificial pine centrepiec dressed with poinsettias, berries and gold pine cones.

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