Double Swag

Start with two strands and swag one strand to fall lower than the other. Alternate each strand as top or bottom loop as you swag from tip to tip so that you reach the end of both strands at the same time.


After installing the lights and garlands you can hang the ornaments. Begin with the most dominant group or largest number of ornaments. Next apply any items with a gloss or shiny finish, with bright colours before pale and larger sizes before the smaller items, although a more balanced look is often obtained if the larger ornaments are kept to the lower part of the tree. Always ensure that the ornaments hang freely, not touching the branches, and using tree hooks for convenience as required. Consider clustering several ornaments together for dramatic effect and combine different colours, sizes, or shapes on one ornament hook, or tie together with ribbon, and place symmetrically throughout the tree and don’t be afraid to bend or move branches to accommodate your choices. One of the most important ornaments is your tree top being the crowning touch of your tree. Stars or angels are used, or affix a giant bow or cluster of ornaments. Finish your tree by covering the base with a tree skirt.

Disassembly and Storage

Remove and store all ornaments by category, starting with fragile ornaments and removing ornament hooks as you strip, egg cartons or foam cups making excellent protectors for fragile ornaments. Pack each type of treetrim separately and combine smaller boxes into larger storage containers and always store in a cool, dry place along with any spare bulbs.

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