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Angel Chimes

Product no.: 13432

Traditional brass-plated angel chimes.  Original Swedish design which is supplied with 4 candles.

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Toyseller Smoker

Product no.: 19284C

Traditional German-style wooden smoker figure in the style of a toy seller.  17.5cm (7 inches) tall.

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Musical Snowglobe

Product no.: 72284T

100mm (4 inch) diameter glass globe on resin base.  Plays 'Silent Night' with wind-up action. 

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36cm Nutcracker

Product no.: 19253

Traditional German-style nutcracker soldier on wood base.  Painted figure, approximately 36cm (14 inch) tall.

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Gold Candle Clips

Product no.: 10010

Pack of 10 traditional metal clip-on candle holders.  Approximately 4cm diameter 'dish' with 2cm tall adjustable holder.

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Candles for Wooden Pyramids

Product no.: 19210

Pack of 50 red candles for German wood pyramids.  14mm diameter, 70mm long.  Approx. 1 hour burn time.

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