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Iridescent Snow

Product no.: AC074859

150g of lightweight artificial snowflakes with iridescent highlights.  Perfect for Christmas displays.

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Artificial Snow

Product no.: 527003

5 ounce bag of clear artificial snow.  Fine flakes to use for a variety of Christmas displays.

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Frosty Snow Flakes

Product no.: PL02599

Approximately 33 x 20cm bag of soft fine snow. Use the flakes to create your own snow scenes.

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Angel Hair

Product no.: AC144601W

Traditional angel hair to spread on your Christmas tree to catch the sparkle of your lights.

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Christmas Drape

Product no.: PL94796

1.2 metre (4ft.) long x 81cm (32 inches) wide white snow drape.  Approximately 6 to 7 mm thick.

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Product no.: 25954

8cm (3 inch) diameter frosted ball on silver cord hanger.  Could also be used as a realistic snowball in a festive display.

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Snow Blanket

Product no.: PL94797

3 metre long x 38 centimetre wide x approximately 7 mm thick white snow blanket, suitable for a variety of display purposes.

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Magic Snow

Product no.: 68052

Snow in a box!  Simply add water to the powder to produce 2 litres of authentic looking snow.

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