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Pack of Silver/White Bows

Product no.: BPK399S

Pack of 40 assorted foil gift bows in silver/white to decorate your gifts.  6cm to 8cm. diameter 

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Diamante Bows

Product no.: 502029

Pack of 3 decorative bows. Sparkling diamante bows, 12cm (4¾ inch) wide, 13cm (5 inch) tall.

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Red Velvet Bows

Product no.: AC126641

Pack of 12 traditional red velvet-style bows.  Each bow is approximately 9cm (3½ inch tall and 9cm wide.

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Pack of 2 Red Bows

Product no.: AC136729

17cm (6½ inch) tall x 14cm (5½ inch) bows.  Red 'velvet' with glitter flecks.  Red vinyl on reverse.

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12 x Parcel Bows Black/Purple

Product no.: BOW12B

Pack contains 6 x black Bows and 6 x purple bows to add the finishing touches to your wrapped presents

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Silver/Black Parcel Bows

Product no.: BOW12D

Pack comprising 6 x Silver Bows and 6 x Black Bows to add that finishing touch to your gifts

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White Bows

Product no.: AC115406SW

Pack of 4 ribbon bows.  Each bow is approx. 15cm tall x 15cm wide.  White ribbon trimmed with silver.

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Red & Gold Treetop Bow

Product no.: AC115412

The bow is approximately 27cm (10½ inches) wide and the trailing ribbons are 1.2 metres (4 feet) long.

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Card Bow

Product no.: 13644

180cm red 'velvet' bow with 16 pegs to display your Christmas cards.  Bow approximately 30cm (12 inches) wide.

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Red & Gold Bows

Product no.: XAJTA920

Pack of 30 luxury gift bows.  Each box approximately 8cm (3 inch) wide with self -adhesive pad on back.

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