Woman Selling Bread

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The Woman Selling Bread figurine from the Cries of London collection by Byers' Choice is a charming addition to your festive decor. This unique figurine pays homage to the street vendors of London who were known for their vocal selling of various goods. The costermongers, as they were called, sold everything from fresh fish to meat pies, and this figurine captures the essence of that era beautifully. Standing at approximately 33cm tall, this handmade figurine features a woman dressed in a blue jacket and white apron, proudly displaying her bread. Add a touch of nostalgia and tradition to your home with this exquisite piece that perfectly captures the spirit of the festive season. Made in the USA with meticulous attention to detail, this Woman Selling Bread figurine is sure to be a conversation starter and a cherished keepsake for years to come. Bring a piece of London's rich history into your home with this delightful and unique collectible.