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Naughty Elf

Product no.: 446059

Vinyl face on felt body.  35cm tall when fully extended.  Will sit on a shelf or hang by arms.

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Soft Santa

Product no.: 446082B

56cm (22 inch) tall soft santa figure.  A fun gift for a loved one or an attractive addition to any festive display.

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Soft Elf

Product no.: 446082C

56cm (22 inch) tall soft huggable figure with long dangling legs.  Finished in bright plush fabric.

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Wooden Nutcrackers

Product no.: AC171639

Set of 4 traditional nutcracker ornaments to hang on your tree or to add to your festive display.  4 assorted styles in presentation box.  Approx. 12.5cm tall.

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Willow Berrypip

Product no.: 31168

A beautiful resin fairy figure dressed in red and green fabrics with red glitter wings. Approx. 14cm tall.

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Countdown to Christmas (Santa)

Product no.: AC155998A

32cm hanging wooden disc with number dial.  Countdown to Santa's visit starts from 24 days.

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