360 Bright White LED Light Set

Product no.: LV162171W

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A set of 360 bright 'cool white' LED lights with timer and action functions on green cable. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, this set of 360 cool white LED lights provides approximately 28.7 metres of Christmas lighting. The energy efficient LEDs are spaced at approximately 8cm (3¼ inch ) centres along the green cable with 8 metres of flex from the included plug-in transformer to the first light.

The set comes with different action functions including Twinkling and Static - selected by the integrated control box. In addition, when the set is switched on the in-built memory function returns the action to the last function used. Alternatively the set can be left switched on and the timer function will keep it illuminated for 8 hours before turning off for 16 hours and repeating until switched off.

The distance from the transformer to the first light can be increased by the addition of a 10 metre extension lead (available separately).