Decorated Eggs

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Introducing our exquisite Decorated Eggs, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and charm to your Easter festivities. These beautifully adorned eggs are not only designed to hang gracefully on your Easter tree but can also be used as stunning accessories on wreaths or displays. With the ability to instantly elevate any décor, our Decorated Eggs will bring a sense of whimsy and delight to your celebrations. Each pack includes five carefully crafted plastic eggs, each measuring 4cm (1¾ inches) in height. These eggs are adorned with intricate detailing and feature an array of vibrant colors and patterns, adding a festive flair to any setting. The delicate white ribbon hanging loop adds an extra level of sophistication, enabling you to effortlessly suspend them wherever you desire. Whether you choose to create an enchanting Easter tree centerpiece or enhance the beauty of a wreath, their lightweight design ensures easy hanging, making them suitable for various Easter decorations throughout your home.

Decorated eggs to hang on your Easter tree or as an accessory on a wreath or display. 5 plastic eggs per pack, 4cm (1¾ inch) tall on white ribbon hanging loop.