Hanging Paper Honeycomb Egg

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Paper Honeycomb Egg, perfect for adding a touch of charm to your Easter celebrations! This 3-D Easter decoration is crafted from high-quality paper in vibrant colours that will surely brighten up any space. Designed with convenience in mind, this egg is supplied flat-packed, making storage a breeze. With their simple pull-out assembly, decorating your home or event venue has never been easier. Simply unfold the honeycomb structure and watch as this egg come to life, instantly bringing a playful and joyous atmosphere. Whether you hang it from the ceiling, doorway, or in a whimsical Easter tree centerpiece, our Paper Honeycomb Egg is sure to impress with eye-catching design. Embrace the spirit of Easter and create unforgettable memories with this delightful decoration that will surely enchant both children and adults alike. Yellow paper honeycomb egg with cardboard header on white cord hanging loop. Approximately 20cm wide.