Paper Honeycomb Eggs

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Introducing our fabulous Paper Honeycomb Eggs, perfect for adding a touch of charm and festivity to your Easter celebrations! This delightful pack includes not just one but two hanging paper eggs, adorned with a beautifully decorated waistband. Each pack features two sizes, allowing you to create a captivating display with a 22cm egg and a slightly smaller 15cm egg. These 3-D Easter decorations are crafted from high-quality paper and card, ensuring durability and vibrant colors that will surely brighten up any space. Designed with convenience in mind, these eggs are supplied flat-packed, making storage a breeze. With their simple pull-out assembly, decorating your home or event venue has never been easier. Simply unfold the honeycomb structure and watch as these eggs come to life, instantly bringing a playful and joyous atmosphere. Whether you hang them from ceilings, doorways, or in a whimsical Easter tree centerpiece, our Paper Honeycomb Eggs are sure to impress with their eye-catching design and cheerful hues. Embrace the spirit of Easter and create unforgettable memories with these delightful decorations that will surely enchant both children and adults alike.